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Welcome to Kin Dee Bothell

Business hour: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm (Last seating at 8:30 pm)
For reservation on Friday & Saturday night, please call us at least
2 hours in advance.
We are strongly encouraged our customers to wear mask and practice social distancing even if you are fully vaccinated.

At Kin Dee we will continue to balance our capacity and open hour with our current capabilities.

Thank you for understanding and supporting our business!!

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We bring you many popular street foods from Thailand. Street food is foodies’ adventure paradise. Here at Kin Dee, it’s where you get to explore new dishes and open to the  new experiences 


Everywhere you go in Thailand you will find street lined with vendors selling a wide variety of ready-to-eat meals, snacks, and drinks out of stalls or carts. This is some of the most beloved comfort food amongst Thai people, and we are compassionate about being able to share those amazing flavors with you.


We chose the name Kin Dee- “Kin” meaning Eat and “Dee” meaning Good- because it describes the flavor of our dishes as well as our commitment to using only the freshest, most

 high-quality ingredient available. We believe that the key to creating a memorable dining experience is selecting premium ingredients and preparing them with love.


It's a culinary adventure



The Good Thai Street Foods and More !

Kin = Eat
Dee = Good


What is Thai Street Food?

From  the way of life to the way of food lifestyle. 


Its  realness,  the  variety,  the   good   and  the best of home recipes that  bring  vibrant and lively street food scene to recreate each dish. We have many variety of Thai street food and  other Thai favorite dishes.